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What If We Forget The Password Of The Luggage

        The invention of the trolley suitcase has brought us a lot of convenience, but it must be said that it sometimes brings some troubles to everyone, for example, forgetting the password. Nowadays, the general trolley suitcase is equipped with a code lock to ensure the safety of the contents of the trolley suitcase. However, many careless friends will accidentally forget the password. What should we do in this situation?


        First, there is a hidden recess next to the general password lock. It is designed to set the password. Use a small toothpick to push in the object. Then use another hand to turn the wheel. If you hear a sound, you can open it.

      Second, force the wheel to the direction of the spring, while turning the wheel. If you feel loose, it means the number is right, this method is absolutely easy to use, both convenient and scientific.

       Third, Push the password away from the direction in which the switch can be pulled, open the gap of the flashlight, turn the password disk, and observe the groove of the lower shaft. After finding the groove, record the number of grooves, and the three password disks record the numbers one by one. Get three numbers and process the numbers bit by bit: a number less than 5 is incremented by 5, and a number greater than 5 is decremented by 5, which is the password. For example, if the viewing slot is 911, the trolley luggage password is 466. Because 9-5 = 4,1 + 5 = 6,1 + 5 = 6.

       Fourth, mechanical split. If the box is locked in an open state, there are three small screws inside, that is mean the entire lock can be removal, you can replace the new one.

       Fifth, another clumsy way is to find the groove of the lock and turn the three wheels separately to record each number. This method is cumbersome and slow, not recommended.

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