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Three Major Problems With Custom Rods

Life needs to be customized, and the pull rod needs to be customized. Nowadays, pull rod customization is becoming more and more popular. Out life in the countryside, carrying a backpack might be said to be loud, but living in a big city, as to the food staff, often pull rod bags travel is the norm, more and more office workers also like in the pull rod bags to carry when going out for a trip. Therefore, it is a good choice to increase the welfare of employees to use customized tie rods on the luggage and bags. However, enterprises need to be careful in purchasing customized pull rods, when looking for manufacturers to pay attention to more! There are three big problems to be reckoned with!

1. Price problem. It is worth noting that it is not the lower the price, nor the more expensive the better to find a manufacturer to produce customized rods. Now many businesses will do budget, pay attention to the custom bar cost can not be over budget, and within a specified budget, find most people like and cost-effective design is particularly important. No expensive ones, only the right ones!

2. Quality problem. Quality is one of the key issues that must be paid attention to when customizing the rod. If the quality of the rod is poor, it will not only fail to achieve the desired effect, but even damage the corporate image. To ensure the quality of the pull rod, choose a reliable pull rod customized manufacturer.

3. Delivery date. Generally speaking, the delivery period starts from the date of signing the contract, and the production cycle takes about 20 to 30 days. At the same time, pull rod production customization is a slow work out of the detailed process, must give the manufacturer enough time to manufacture. Therefore, if the enterprise has the demand of drawing rod customization, it should find the drawing rod customization manufacturer in advance as far as possible. Both parties agree on the delivery date.

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