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The Universal Wheel Has Developed In Recent Years

With the development of recent years, wanxiang wheel manufacturers have also been constantly improved, both in the production process, or the overall technical strength of the caster manufacturers, have been greatly improved. By reviewing the development history of the universal wheel, what aspects of the history of the universal wheel have been improved?

Improvement of universal wheel technology:

The production of universal wheel has developed from the low threshold and intensive labor stage in the past to a high level of automation relying on advanced technology. In the 1980s and 1990s, the country's production base for the universal wheel was mainly concentrated in the coastal generation. At that time, the production technology of wanxiang wheel was relatively backward, and the production technology of wanxiang wheel in different places was of different quality. With the international market of national finance and participation in international competition, the technology of universal wheel has been greatly improved. In addition to the improvement in manufacturing technology, the advanced national product inspection and testing system has also been introduced. After a series of industrial upgrading and technical improvement, the wanxiang wheel manufacturing industry has reached the present level.

Quality and price of universal wheel products:

Universal wheel is the main product series, castor industry over the past domestic universal wheel backward production technology, to produce a universal wheel won't guarantee quality, universal wheel product direction of rotation is not flexible, low service life, easy loss is quite common. After decades of technological development, these problems have improved markedly. Price has changed from low price to win the market by quality and good after-sales service. Caster manufacturers also pay more attention to the construction and development of their own brand culture.

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