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The Difference Between Aluminium Alloy Rod And Iron Pipe Rod Is Discussed

The bar appear on the market has a lot of kinds, with aluminium, iron, aluminum alloy material and so on, some of the pull rod more durable aluminum alloy material, aluminum alloy rod moistureproof and not easy to rust, aluminum alloy rod is suitable for the cosmetic box on the rod on the pull rod, etc., aluminum alloy rod button agile, comfortable handle is designed for the people, the weight of the aluminium alloy rod is relatively light, convenient for users to use.

Rod of different material, different performance, for example, iron pipe of the bearing performance is good, but the corresponding iron pipe will be heavier than aluminum tube, without aluminum tube light, the comparison of surface treatment will be relatively drab, make pipe can't like aluminium tube is beautiful, good-looking, but some manufacturers need bearing good performance, you need to use iron pipe, bearing quality is good, for some high load-bearing manufacturer will choose, aluminum alloy bars under said. Aluminum alloy rod, although compared with iron pipe bearing performance is not so good, but can do a variety of surface treatment of aluminum tube, after processing of aluminum alloy rod beautiful and easy, don't look as monotonicity as iron pipe, and aluminum tube portability, not as heavy as iron pipe, this is to see what kind of products, corresponding to the bar with aluminum alloy rod or iron pipe.

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