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Is the luggage trolley swinging normal


The use of the trolley luggage is very common now , making it easier for everyone to travel.There are many types of trolley luggage, different styles, sizes, and colors, but the principle is the same, and must be combined with the luggage trolley to be used. However, many people find that the trolley of the luggage is swaying when pulling the baggage. Is this normal?

In fact, the swaying of the trolley is normal, and it is not necessarily a matter of quality, unless you want to reinforce it.

 The main reasons for the swaying of the trolley are:

 1.The spring button connected between the tube and the tube is of poor quality.

 2.Large tube sleeve small tube, there must be a gap in the middle. Otherwise, the two tube are too tight to be pulled out. There is a plastic ring at the joint between the inner tube and the spring, which also plays a stabilizing role.

 So when you use the trolley luggage, you don't need to worry about the swaying of the trolley. A slight sway is normal!

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