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How To Judge Its Quality According To The External Structure Of The Box And Bag Pull Rod?

With the improvement of our consumption level, many customers have higher and higher requirements on bags and bags, which makes many consumers have doubts about how to choose suitable bags and bags.

First of all, we know that many consumers when choosing all kinds of bags will be more attention to the external structure of tie rod of the case, we want to see is that the case isn't it enough that week, the corner of the degree is not high enough. And most of the time when we put the box upright or on the ground there is no deviation. Can then look at the package box can't four feet on the floor, moreover is to look at the box surface is smooth, have been scratch marks, or crack, etc., of course, the most important thing is to look at the box up and down the corners of the shell is symmetric.

Normally when we open the luggage is the first check box, we must pay attention to when choose not to choose those cases of mouth can't very well, and open and close should be flexible, all kinds of box parts of adhesive will be strong enough, textile fabrics can't come with wire or crack situation.

When we check the tie bar of the bag, we must pay attention to the handle of the bag must be installed. The extension of the tie rod should be flexible, the strength should be high, the telescopic rod of the tie rod of the box bag and the fixed rod should be well matched, the locking knob of the tie rod of this box bag should be able to expand at will when pressed.

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