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How Important Is A Good Travel Suitcase

Anyone who travels a lot must know that. When we're ready to leave for the distance, it's like our moving house, loaded with our little clutter. But when you reach a strange city, you will feel at ease when you open it. It is our most faithful traveling companion. No matter how difficult the road ahead is, it will accompany us continuously.

1, size

Size is the number one priority in choosing a suitcase: boarding or shipping, domestic or international, taking days or weeks with you is a priority.

Boarding box size (international IATA) rule: the sum of the three side dimensions does not exceed 115CM.

Shipping box size (international IATA) rule: the sum of the three side dimensions does not exceed 158CM.

The most common sizes are 20, 24 and 28 inches.

[20 "] able to board a plane, the capacity is similar to that of a large backpack, suitable for 1-3 days short and heavy travel.

[24 "] cannot board the plane, suitable for 7 days or so, is the most commonly used of the three models.

[28 "] can not board the plane, suitable for more than 7 days of travel, buy a trip to the loser.

2, material

At present, the mainstream big-name luggage is hard data, here only introduced a variety of hard data.

[PC (polycarbonate) 】 : has a prominent impact toughness, high toughness, corrosion resistance, cold resistance to high temperature, brittle temperature reaches to 100 ℃.

[CURV] : low density, high strength impact resistance, corrosion and wear resistance, easy cleaning. The impact resistance below zero is better than PP, abs, aluminum magnesium alloy and other materials

Aluminum magnesium alloy: high strength, high compressive resistance and corrosion resistance.

3, pull rod

Material, mainly steel and aluminum alloy, anti - pressure impact.

On the exterior, double bar is more and more safe, single bar is compared with the test rod material selection and assembly technology.

4 wheels,

Good box only choose universal wheel! The degree is 360 degrees freely rotating, in the wheel "elegant" pronoun. Even a girl with a weak hand can ride it off easily.

When choosing, want to follow "pulley voice is lesser better, wheel diameter is bigger better" this one law.

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