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Classification Of Luggage Wheel


There are many types of luggage wheel, which are generally summarized as follows:

1.One-way wheel

It is suitable for various road conditions,but It can only be used in one direction, not flexible.

2.Single universal wheel

It can be rotated 360 degrees and it is easier to pull on a flat road. The disadvantage is that it cannot be oriented, and special scenes such as slopes are inconvenient to use.

3.Aircraft wheel

Because it is very like the wheel of an airplane, it is named the aircraft wheel. There is also a kind of wheel called the aircraft mute wheel. The aircraft wheel is eight wheels, usually made of rubber, and the sound is very small.

4.Brake wheel

With brake function, the brake wheel is improved on the basis of the universal wheel, especially when it downhill is down, the brake function can be used.

5.Damping wheel

It prevents the wheel from being damaged by vibration during work.

6.Disassembly wheel

The disassembly wheel can be separated from the box to facilitate damaged wheel replacement.

7.Shock absorption + brake wheel

The damping + brake wheel increases the braking function on the basis of the damping wheel and plays a great role on the concave and convex slope ground.

Summary: if the ground is flat, it is recommended to use aircraft wheel, universal wheel and brake wheel. If there are uneven roads, it is recommended to use one-way wheel, shock absorber wheel or shock absorber + brake wheel.



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