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What is the use range of the suitcase tie rod?

Where can pull rod be used? What are they used for?

The following is our arrangement of the pull rod range of use, you can understand!

The handle, the car pull rod, backpacks, stereo rod, suitcase, suitcase, speakers rod, bar bar balanced car pull rod, luggage, backpack rod bar, children's rod, fishing rod; Folding rod, soft bags rod, password boxes, push rod, the travel bag tension bar, soft box rod, the popurality rod, hard boxes, bags, backpacks, rod bar bar, outdoor sound box, drag boxes, bags bar bar rod, computer bags, briefcase, rod, bar rod luggage rod, carton, amplifier tie rod, suitcase, machine box, cosmetic box, cloth box, bar bar rod, rod bag, shopping cart, student bar pull rod bags bar, refrigerator, air box, medical kit, tie rod, cosmetic box, suitcase, bar rod, bar, business cooler bag tension bar and balanced car pull rod, solar bracket of bar, swimming pool, baggage car pull rod Camera stand, camera stand Etc.!

The range of pull rod can be said to be quite wide, in our daily life can be applied to pull rod, such with convenient!

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