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The quality problem of the caster of the light box and bag parts

Now a lot of the quality of the bags are not very good, and this package the quality of the caster is inseparable, want to know if your bags caster wheel is broken, so the value of a handbag would be compromised. Therefore, the development of luggage and bag accessories is very necessary. When choosing bags, we must pay more attention to the quality and size of the caster wheel, which is also related to the service life of bags and bags.

We are buying bags when the relationship is the quality of the bags is a problem, so we should generally bags when the choose and buy is three aspects, first check the pull rod, and then is the castor, finally to see how is the bags we selected fabrics. This is also an important factor in the quality of the bags we buy, and most of the time the pull rod and wheel are an important part of the bag.

Generally, when selecting the pull rod box, first see whether the pull rod fixed on the bag is strong enough, when pulling the pull rod, also want to see whether it can be pulled smoothly. If it's a push bar with a button, we'll also check to see if it bounces up quickly when the button is pressed.

So we can see the basic, as an important part of package, the status of the caster is very high, and it has better castor package where the price will not cheap, so a lot of high-end luggage can see the quality of the caster is more good, it is also very high.

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