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Material analysis of universal wheel

As anyone who travels a lot knows, the wheel of the pole holder is broken, and half of the pole holder is covered. Therefore, good pulley determines the efficiency of the pull rod box, but this is a lot of consumers are easy to ignore. The more advanced the pull rod box, the more expensive the wheel set accessories, such as: Japan imports the pulley set pieces. When evaluating the price of a suitcase, in addition to the body of the suitcase, it is important to carefully check the design of the wheel set system to determine its smoothness, stability, impact resistance and silence. Such conditions.

Generally speaking, there are the following types of wheel in the drawer box:

Old style wheel: poor firmware. When the wheel is rolling for a long time to generate heat, the firmware breaks at high temperature and is difficult to pull.

Ordinary rubber wheel: ordinary fixed parts, can be pushed flat, long - term load high - heat wear easily damaged.

Imported rubber wheel: it is made of carbamic acid ester, which is used on straight row wheel. It has strong abrasion resistance.

New type silicone wheel: silica gel is stable, not easy to deteriorate, good corrosion resistance, not working with other chemicals, moisture absorption endurance is the biggest feature, it is very suitable for sea-island climate. The cost of silicone is relatively high, but the silencing effect is also the best.

Most common suitcases are made of ready-made wheel sets with purchased sets. The wheel sets are quite heavy, and the joint hole between the wheel seat and the box shell is especially vulnerable to being broken by heavy blows, causing the wheel sets to loosen and fall off.

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