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Is it normal for the pull rod box to swing from side to side?

Why does the pull rod of the pull rod box sway from side to side? There is a lot of misunderstanding about why the pull rod of the pull rod box shakes. Here is why the pull rod of the pull rod box shakes!

The swing of the pull rod is scientific. The pull rod is composed of multiple joints and has elastic function. In order to ensure the smooth application of the pull rod under the illusion of thermal expansion and cold shrinkage, there must be certain space between each pull rod.

Non - shaking pull rod, there is danger, small open space, relatively greater friction, less sensitive pull rod, simple die, impact service life!

Luggage in a temporary transport process if received, rod retention must get buffer space can let wallop, not all the impact of the shock to the pull rod, shorten the using life of tie rod.

Structure of pull rod:

1. Tension button connecting between the pull rod and the pull rod.

2. The large pull rod pipe covers the small pull rod pipe, and the center should be empty naturally, otherwise the two pull rod pipes cannot be pulled out by touching too tightly. There is a plastic ring in the connection between the inner pull rod and the tension spring. So it's normal for the pull rod to move in a certain range.

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