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How to maintain the metal parts of the rod box

There are a lot of metal parts on the pull bar box. If it is not properly protected, it is easy to rust. As a result, the level of the pull bar box is reduced and the atmosphere is lost. How to protect these parts from rust, color, corrosion and wear.

The most effective way is to coat the metal with protective film. This is a practical method that is often used in daily life, just as the screen of a mobile phone needs to be covered with protective film. General thin protective film is ok, stick on do not fall down, do not affect beautiful can. It is best to be able to give parts close combination. Of course, anything used for a long time will lose color, we can always change the protective film. The following points should be noted when using protective film:

In PE protective film and protective film products, the paste between them is not very strong, at the time of transport or at the time of use will appear fall off phenomenon, appear such problem is sensitive adhesive protective film products production degree is not enough, so want to check whether the metal surface processing clean.

2. Protective film is in use for a period of time after the middle is the comparison of performance of good, the phenomenon of protective film is the main reason is to protect and unnecessary a retraction, according to the same PE protective film in the process of production should pay attention to the environment of the impact of the products and the use of a temperature difference and paste is to avoid unnecessary tension in the process.

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