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How to choose the pull rod of the box of choose and buy?

Now on the market of the pull rod box rod now generally is built-in, structure stability will be stronger, tie rod custom manufacturer to remind the outer tie rod inconvenience occurs on loading, also very easy to damage, has been basically eliminated by mainstream of The Times. So suggest you buy pull rod box or built-in rod rod is better!

For rod material, as a specialized manufacturer rod is very clear; Rod material is usually aluminum alloy, steel, or iron; A sectional type structure, two, three. Two pieces type, three type "refers to the lever can adjust the length according to the weight of the box body. General use three type 20-inch, 24-inch, use two pieces type 28 inches. Built-in must be chosen when the choose and buy, tie rod and steel or aluminum and the aluminum is lighter and stronger, otherwise cannot afford barbarous loading and unloading, in addition, looking at the other configuration, rod box down button setting is human nature, such as pull rod in a closed whether smooth, etc. In the case of a possible, we also want to open to observe inner tube inner color, if it is black, may be iron pipe. If is white, is likely to be aluminum tube, advised to choose a aluminum tube pull rod box, more durable!

Recommend buying can try to test the pull rod box, test bar, be sure to test a few times more lock button, the press should be able to scale easily, after there is a feeling of very lubrication unobstructed, tie rod out to test the stability, after a lot of the airport and railway station building structure with stair steps, up and down to the operation of the lever balance requirement is very high, it is important to note that judgment. In addition to remind your attention on the pull rod box handle, hard plastic material or give it up, poor durability, hand still have to choose soft, feel is better.

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