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How does the caster determine its quality

The extensive use of the foot wheel not only promotes the progress of the society, but also has a great impact on the development of our life. Such as castor of casters in our furniture, chairs, and some large machinery in industry now, for the convenience of mobile are in accordance with the castor, you can imagine use castor brings much convenience for us. In the caster wheel we see in our life, it can not be used by production. It can also be packed, packaged and used after a series of tests. Of course, the test requirements are different for different materials of the caster, so let's see what method it USES to test the caster and finally become a qualified caster.

1. Reciprocating wear test:

Castor reciprocating wear test to simulate the casters in daily use the actual rolling, the two points with and without obstacles obstacles test test, in the process of test are not allowed to have a castor or other parts from, at the end of the test each castor should be able to drive its normal function, test after the completion of the caster roll, circuition or brake function should not be damaged.

2. Measurement of rolling resistance and rotating resistance:

When castor mobile or to control the driving direction, power must be on the object to the caster and to overcome certain resistance, resistance depends on the size of the: weight, wheel diameter, material, round face shape, castor rotating field.

3. Resistance performance test:

When testing the performance castor should keep dry and clean, place the caster in a piece of insulation on the metal plate with the ground, keep the wheel edge in contact with the metal plate, on the caster wheel load of 5% to 10% of the nominal load. The resistance between the caster and the metal plate is measured by an insulation resistance tester (nominal open circuit voltage is 500V, the measured resistance fluctuates within 10% and the loss on the product is no more than 3W). For conduction-type casters, the resistance value should be no more than 104 euros, while the resistance of anti-static casters should be between 105 and 107 euros.

4. Impact test:

Any goods transportation, use, preservation and other situation will impact vibration may be produced and make the product a certain period of time can't normal use, the furniture with its type, weight and other characteristics are often vulnerable to the impact, and at the bottom to determine whether furniture placed truckle is more smooth should possess good shock resistance.

5. Static load test:

The caster should always run steadily on the ground, but that is almost a purely theoretical state. On jagged surfaces, or over thresholds, tracks and pits, the caster briefly leaves the ground. So when they suddenly become overloaded or three of their four wheels touch the ground, they have to carry the load of the entire furniture.

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