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Explanation of knowledge of rod box -- roller wheel

The roller wheel is one of the core of the suitcase, which should be clear to everyone. We usually carry heavy luggage when we travel or travel, especially during holidays. People, full of, if you pull rod box roller quality closes nevertheless, it would be easy to a problem, plus go out travel is inherently more, faced with the problem of time really will make you miserable. Therefore, the roller must be used as an important index to measure when selecting the rod box. Only by choosing a regular, standard, high-quality roller can we travel freely.

So, what should we pay attention to when selecting the pull box?

1. Selection of one-way wheel and universal wheel:

Unidirectional wheel can push and pull, not only the sense of direction is strong, but also the area of contact with the ground is large, the rubber area is large, wear-resistant and operable.

The universal wheel has high flexibility and 360 degree rotation is convenient, but generally the life of the universal wheel is much shorter than that of the one-way wheel.

2. Choice of 4 rounds and 8 rounds of 2 rounds:

The same material as the 2-wheel pull rod box will have 4-wheel and 8-wheel more durable economy and trade.

If 4 wheels and 8 wheels are pushed, the ground must be smooth. If the quality is not satisfactory, it is very troublesome to lose a roller.

3. The material of roller is recommended to buy rubber roller. Because pull in the process of walking, not only can reduce noise to the lowest point, but rubber is also relatively wear-resistant. This is also an important reason for automotive tire rubber.

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